Medical & Dental


In this customer’s project, the software developed by CORUO allows to view real-time MRI and a brain mapping reference (called Brodmann), adapted for each anatomy. The software runs on Mac and Windows.
Neuronavigator is usually used by neurosurgeons and sometimes in psychiatric services. Associated to rTMS (repetitive Stimulation magnetic Transcraniennes), it allows to visualize on each patient’s MRI in real-time, the position of the magnetic field applied on the surface of the cortex.So it allows very precise magnetic stimulation on predetermined cortical targets.

3D visualization of Brodmann areas and positioned targets

Representation of the helmet EEG

Classical representation of MRI with colored Brodmann areas

Cortex view

Volume modeler :

This client’s application is a volume Modeller dedicated to the orthopedics. From a patient’s 3D scan, we can model supports adapted to the morphology of the patients, in a processable format digital milling machine. This software main features are:

  • – Import/export of meshes in STL format
  • – The modeling of the supports and their transformation into volumes (voxel)
  • – The edition of volumes, from modelling and Boolean operations tools